I Love Your Blog!!!

Visiting a few blogs and some are really inspiring me. Some not so but still they have their own way of writing. Some are original some are imitating and some are quite an interesting fella. I found this award in one of the blog i visit but i can't remember whose blog was it. But then, i tried to search it in Google Image and it is everywhere. Seems to be this is a very popular award given away to fellow bloggers.

So, i would like to take the opportunity to give away this I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD to five beautiful bloggers that inspired me and also my so-called blogger buddies.

Cathy at Periwinkle Confessions. I think i coincidentally stumble upon her blog quite a few months ago and i get inspired by her writing. Since then i follow her blog and up till now, her writings still inspired me. To quote a lil bit about her from her profile. Trying to find God in everything. And yes, he is in my coffee and in the flowers in my mom's garden. ;) 
Keep on writing girl!!

Coffee Girl at A bit of coffee and country talk. I am addicted to coffee and that is how i found her in this blogosphere. Her writing is interesting with some input of her own perspective and experiences. Love how she wrote because, it will take me for years to come up with good writings as hers. She loves reading so it is shows when she writes. Besides, she wanted to become a writer. Quote from her profile, Drinks coffee - black. Loves Country music. Reads romance novel. Highly opinionated. Speaks sarcasm as a second language. Keep up blogging girl!!!

Frouline at Hi! Am Frouline.... Outside, she is my real bestfriend and get to know her since 2006, working at the same company. She start to blog in March 2010 after we take our own carreer path. She went to KL and i am going to Sabah. Connected again through blogging and i am happy about it. To quote about her a lil bit, A simple person, looking for something that comfort herself enough to earn her life.. Loves talk much, but she can be a speechless person when she meet someone she adores most! Loves laugh loud, sometimes it comes naturally and embarrass her enough! I hate people stab me at back. once you did it to me, i'm gonna dig u into the ground until u can't breath. What you give, you will get back! Yaaa... keep you blog update ok!!!! Miss you much dearie.... HUGS!

StellaClaire-Richard at A Paint of Life... Get to know her through another blogger buddies. Visit her blog, like her posts and start became friends. She visits me and i visits her blog. She just deliver a cute lil boy Gabriel Aiden. Here is a lil bit info about her, An Ordinary and Simple girl. Was born in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. Love to share her thoughts, experiences and stories. Sharing is caring, and she believes that anything in life should be started with positive thinking. Grateful for what she had and always say Thanks to GOD for she still alive today. She hopes that all thought and shared stories able to provide some good lesson to fellow readers. You deserve my award coz sya suka blog kau. Happy Mummy Aiden!!! :-)

Irene at { I. R. E. N. E }. I just get to know her blog yesterday. Love her posts (almost all of it), and left my comments in her blog and i follow her. Hoping that i can became her friend. She write something so pure and inspiring. Love it and may she will always be blessed by God. Anyway, here is a lil bit about her, a blogger in her late twenties, old-fashioned and a homebody. Love to sing, write, draw, read and play the keyboards. Keep up with you mission to inspired people through your writing girl! God bless.

Okay, that is my lists of blogger buddies that i think deserve this award. For the rest of my other blogger friends, you are great as well but i only have a chance to write about these five first. Will see, what is the next award that i will give away for blogs i LIKE (maybe Like button just like FB button)... :-)

Hope you guys keep up with your writing and keep updating your blogs coz i love to visit and read it!!! Take care & God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Thank you so much, Rose!!! I accept this award wholeheartedly. It is such an honor! :-)

    God bless! :-)

  2. Thank you so much, Rose! I really appreciate it! Hugs to you! ;) It's really a blessing getting to know you through the blog and your comments have strengthened and encouraged me too. ;) I'm really grateful. Words are not enough to express it.

    May the Lord continue to bless you as you let Him shine in your life! Much love, sis! <3

    Hope we can meet someday!

  3. Lovely Rose! Thank you! I shall have to post an entry about this later. :-)

    Cheers! From one coffee lover to another. Bah, nanti saya belanja kau minum kopi satu jug sudah.

  4. Thanks cewek...really appreciate it..walau tak sehebat Grammy Award, or Oscar award, at least ada jg yg sudi baca, kan...

  5. @Irene--My pleasure girl! I just fall in love with your writing so you deserve it! Just keep it up with great words and inspirations ok. Take care and God bless.

    @Cathy--My pleasure Cat. When i found your blog, i love the way you express everything. The word of Wisdom is there and you never failed to mention His grace in every posts. That is your blessings. Will be grateful if we can meet up some day. With God's Will nothing is impossible right? Take care dear sis, God bless you abundantly! *HUGS*

    @Coffee Girl--Ha ha ha, My pleasure too. Doi, sik sangka kita jumpa lam blogging world jak ho. Kelak kita jumpa in real life okay. Blogger meets up! Cheers a jug of coffee ngan kau... (^-^)

    @Frouline Aging--Most welcome cewek. Ko sik cayak, akula yang visit blog kau tiap kali ko ada buat post baru dan sangat rajin mengomen kan (ala2 mengomen di FB status lagi)... ha ha ha ha. Keep up yr writing kay, u are doing great dear! *HUGS*

  6. Ada peluang kelak kita jumpa... :-) sure must make time one.


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