Need Some Space....

Coffee on my table. Cracking my head to complete the detail action plan for FY 2011-2012. But at the end, i end up doing something else. Why? Because my head can not think anymore. You know what i do when i am out of motivation or my mind is BLANK? 

Walking outside my room and start to disturb my friend, EM. Making up some stories and laugh out loud together or i start to show her new steps of aerobic that i know (siap buat aksi penuh lagi tp tanpa muzik la!)

Making some drinks and of course la coffee. With some biscuits whether it is Munchy's or any other crackers brand. 

Went to meeting room, do some stretching. But make sure i am out of sight from my friend AHB because he is the only male in the office. ha ha ha... some of the movements maybe 'uncomfortable' for him to watch. Wakakaka... (nanti kena accuse sexual harassment at the workplace) 

Walk across the building to my friend's, JG office (konon2 ada mau dibincang la..). Spend half an hour with her until i can think or i get my sense of work back. (ha ha ha..)

Switch on the radio from my Samsung Mobile. Of course i am listening to the Sabah FM. Only at Sabah FM i can listen to various music/ language of the world from English, Malay, Kadazan-Dusun, Korean, Hindi, Thailand, Tagalog up to the language that i don't know. It's call VARIETY!

Okay, let makes it up to 5 only coz there are some sort of other crazy things i do. He he he he... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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