Trying to create my own blog BUTTON

Actually i already tried a few times before. I sign to Photobucket to get my image code and yes, i get code for the image i want to use. So, i Google for Tutorials and tried my best to follow the instructions given. Yai!!! I can not even create one till now.

Today, i tried again after i saw Irene got her swap button section and a few other bloggers have their own button. All are so pretty bah.

So, i create this image using Picnik. The web free tools to edit images. It is awesome and for sure i will use this site for editing photos in future. It's really COOL.

I thought the image is quite okay for my button. Upload it to My Picasa Web Album to get the code. But still not working with the code for creating button. Tried another one, log in to my Photobucket account and upload it there. Still not working!!! Yah!! I give up guys! It takes me more that two hours to figure this out and still not working.

Since it is still not working then, i leave this behind. Will see if i still have interest to create one in near future. Will see how lah. Till then!

I MADE IT!!!! I make my own button using tutorials from Morgan site. Visit her site if you wanna learn how. Now, i am HAPPY!!! (^-^)

Another update (27/09/2011):
I did not know it is not working until my blogger buddy clinicoustic leave comments in this post. It was not working. Anyway, after almost two hours working on it and do some touch up with the photo and texts, at last it is WORKING!!! So, feel free to grab my button and leave me comments if you wanna swap button with me. NOW i am REALLY HAPPY!!! (^____^)

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. good job rose.. I love it.. I sure put this cute button on my blog.. I'm in progress making my own too, but I never really get it done haha.. when mine finished, put it here too pls.. :D

  2. @clinicoustic- Thank you. Yah, at last i made it after put up some effort. :-). I am sure you can made one too. Follow you.

  3. hi rose, thanks for putting my link on your blog, I've tried twice to put your html code but there's an error, and the image doesn't show up.. it shown only text and no image.. I put your link, and keep trying to put the button.. :)

  4. @clinicoustic-i did not try that button so i did not know that it is not working.i have tried to work on it and i made it!!! Yai!! now you can grab my button. Do create yours too so we can swap our buttons. Learning new things feels good. he he he... Good luck with yours too.


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