When i Trying to Hate Someone.....

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Is the three words that more difficult to said out loud in front of a person that annoying me or hurts me. Why? Because the consequences after saying that is more hurting deep inside my heart. I will keep on blaming myself for saying a words like that to the person. Blaming myself for not control my own emotions, anger and blurt out those three words that for sure will hurt her or him the most. The worse part is when i regret of saying it in the first place. Why did i say it to her or him? It will takes more time to forgive myself for doing this to a person. So, that is why it is hard for me to say I HATE YOU out loud to a person. It will be easier to say I LOVE YOU rather than I HATE YOU. 

With Love,
Little Rose

P.s: Sharing some LOVE with all of you who read this post! I LOVE YOU GUYS!


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