True Confession #5 - Good Buddies or Bestfriends

Do you know the meaning of bestfriend (sahabat baik/ rakan karib)? Or i may ask the other way, what is the meaning of bestfriend for you? Or what is the difference between friend and bestfriends? Let me do some confessions here how i classified between friend and bestfriend. I will not use wikipedia or any dictionaries here. This is from my own thoughts and how i make friends and treasure my friendship.

Since my childhood, i have a very great people around me. I have many friends but not all of them can share their joys and sadness with me. Only a few that can spare their times to listen to me (i mean really listen) some are only with me when i am happy. So, this type of friendship is only at FRIEND level. When i am in secondary school there were ups and downs in my friendship. I still remember, i have a very good no, great friend when i am in Form 3. We used to spend a lot of our time together. We having our meal together, walk to our classroom together, outing together, laugh together and even cry together. But, something happen in between of our friendship and that makes our friendship ends just like that. I feel really really bad about it because i still remember clearly what she wrote in my diary "Ku sangkakan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari. Kau mulai berubah dan persahabatan kita semakin menjauh....".. After that incident we are still friend but to come back to how it is before seems to be impossible. I know her feeling was hurt because of what happen to us. See, i made a mistake once and because of this one, i regret so much. That is why i TREASURE all my best buddies up to now. If there is one that i can click with, i will not takes that friendship for granted. I must take a very good care of that friendship. Because now i believe that my bestfriends are Angels that God sent to me to become my guardian. They are ANGELS.

I still connected to my best buddies even though we are far apart. Thanks to FACEBOOK, mobile phones (DIGI, CELCOM, MAXIS), email (GMAIL, YAHOO, MSN) and etc because with all this technologies, the South China Sea seems to be nothing. We can talk, we can chat, we can write to each other.

So, my advice is that...if you have bestfriend, nurture your friendship. Take a good care of it. Be honest and sincere. I think this should be enough even though i have lots more to share here. This is only a thoughts because i can't sleep. He he he... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. hi 2u. i blog walk 2day, strange , it seems almost everybody has a best friend whilst only a few have many best friends... lucky are those, who are liked by many

  2. Hi to u too. Yes, it is true what you say. That is why i feel blessed because i have many best friends. God bless you. Thanks for dropping by. :-)


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